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This article is presented due to the influencial decision made by "Mashup Australia" the competiton developed and a change of lifestyle project which was submited by two engineers at SKIZCorp Technology" by the founder and lead developer of Sportkin"

And where to make new friends. seek out like-minded individuals, and engage in positive physical activities which bring benefit to the people around you.

More than 10 reasons to get into or back into sport: sorry if this seems like an advert, however its a very reasonable one.

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Where and how to meet people

A fairly common social issue people have is to utilise social skills to make new friends. An adult from time to time would sometimes look back and see where there was previously a common time where youth in their lunch hour would go out and play, and enjoy their social life during and after physical education and sport.

The education system still currently doesn't facilitate in ensuring that individuals keep regularly activity all the way through life. In 2005 a project began which would be about to change all this, originally known as allsports4u . It had a unique design which theoretically can bring together individuals and local communities through a common interest in sport. The system is for individuals from all walks of life and sporting abilities. and for this reason it's values are set right along its path to be called "The road to sport" and the founder a Recent discussion with "Christopher Sarich" Sportkin's founder and design engineer, claims that that version 4.5 can make it happen. It's called the "Universal sporting process" and it was designed during its structure analytical process. which was conducted in 2008, several years of researching sporting culture, Health and Physical education HPE. Of course sport and how it is conducted is no invention, however the process which manages sport and even into it's deeper levels, sport according to an article found that sport has been around since the ancient days of Mayans" the rubber ball goes way back to the 1400 bc.. Could this be why Mayans made their calendar to be Round. (more than likely not however)

BACK TO THE POINT. Sport is a regular part of life for individuals during their youth. During our growing years, our career, tertiary education, people some times become distracted, and sacrifice something which they really enjoyed doing, Sport may not have been ones fort'e during school, however it was compulsory, "and thats how it should be for humans all the way through thier life span" Christopher Said. . Now more and more adults are finding it difficult to get back into sport, because the longer one doesn't engage in sporting avtivity then the harder it is to get back in, all the sounds of bones clicking.. And this itself has been forseen by almost too many people. It's never too late though, walking in the sand at the beach can be a great way to start for any age he then added. Christopher Sarich also said that during his tertiary education years which happend to be in China, he would heavily engage in sporting activities, and sport was the key to increase his level of enthusiasm for social engagement because sport accentuates the personality. Early in the mornings elderly people in china would be out doing Yoga and stretches in the park, from early 4:30 am. This is what motivated him to develop which has the potential to earn the first name as "billion dollar hobby". Another question christopher answered with an interesting manner was, what would he do with a billion dollars. Christopher is no fan of the monitary system, he claims that money puts limit to man kind" Never the less he then said, if it can't be changed, then i should change the way i think about it then he mumbled "Perhaps i should learn to be less curious about exploring the limitations of man-kind and just do what can be done in accordance to the vision of sportkin. It's not all about me. And frankly speaking If one is for sport, then who could be against them this makes me love sport all the more.

Sport should be structured and regular throughout the life of every individual, and its not only about having a gym at the club or down stairs in the level below your building at work.

People need to see meet different people regularly each other regularly because seeing different people on regular occasions is the best way to broaden ones horizon.

When students graduate from school, they either focus on their career or their fun, either way there is no right or wrong, and for this reason no one should be left down and out.

It doesnt cost to be socially responsible. No one should feel down and out. Sportkins Commitment to strong ethical behaviour is true brother man ship through sport. Visit sportkin today and follow their path to provide individuals with feature enriched health and real physical education - HPE.

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